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Fearless Brave Girls is a site created to share the love for Brave Girls 브레이브걸스, post information, reblog original content and connect fans. Their latest release is Rollin' (New Version), released on August 11th, 2018. Current active members are Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji and Yuna.

Brave Girls VLive 20180207 – Cooking competition with convenience store foods


This Brave Girls VLive was a ‘cooking show’ with Minyoung and Yuna as a team vs Eunji and Hayun with Yujeong as the MC (though she was included on Min-Yu team as well). There are currently no subs available.

PT1 (00:01:18 long and sideways lol)

PT2 (00:05:38 long and cut off due to connection problems)

PT3 (Main video, 00:48:15 long)

20180207 Instagram | Eunji (bg_eunji92)bg_eunji92 이유나 내커피 너가다먹었찌…😤😤😒😏 @u.na93Why did you drink all of my coffee…...